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CEE/ZEE Purlin Widely Used

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It is considered the most trustworthy and renowned system for steel framing. “In response to the need for strong and simple flooring systems in the international market, we have produced Supafloor. This revolutionary flooring system is a unique product, designed specifically for the construction of traditional bearer and joist, transportable and multi-storey housing.”

For the owner-builder, the Suhang range of products is an ideal cost-effective option as they are supplied in pre-assembled form, ready for construction with clear step-by-step instructions. You can put the framing together yourself or hire a professional tradesman to construct it for you.

Supaloc products are termite-resistant and come with a 50-year structural guarantee, although some conditions do apply. Thanks to an extensive collection of products, there is sure to be a Supaloc product thatprovides a solution for your framing needs. “The benefit of choosing one of our products is you can rest assured your building structure is strong, safe, secure and silent,”

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